Do you feel like your roofing business isn’t getting the number of customers it should? Do you feel like no one in your target market even knows you exist? You may think you have your roofing act all together just because you are good at installing a roof. Most roofing businesses are owned by roofers or installers who think the same way. 

Establishing your company reputation as trustworthy is key. You might be a craftsman with your hands but how is your company growing? Can you show your customers why you are the best at what you do?

Providing leads with reinforcement and information they need can make you an easy contracting decision.  Investing time in branding is not wasteful. Consider that technology, marketing, and referrals are at everyone’s disposal today. You can ensure your brand and digital presence are consistent, up to date and following trends. The question is, how are you going to stand out over the competition?

Here are 10 Tips to Stand Out and Grow Your Roofing Business:

  1. Look Professional. Make sure your physical and digital imprint is organized and well-managed.
  2. Advertise. Create, print and distribute door-to-door flyers throughout every area in which you work.
  3. Be Honest with customers. Always have a project manager available for a homeowner or business to speak with during the process. Make sure you give detailed estimates, include inclement weather policies, and always explain the process to be performed thoroughly. There should be no surprise cost or otherwise after a contract is signed, if possible.
  4. Invest in your signage. yard signs and truck lettering. When you have a finished job, let it speak for itself. Give it a sign to show off your skills.
  5. Answer the phone. Staff the telephone lines. No one likes an answering machine when trying to find a roofer. Speak to your clients.
  6. Sell Well. Your future depends on how well you sell. Honing your sales skills at every opportunity is time well spent. The better you are, the bigger you’ll be.
  7. Collect and share reviews. Providing proof of your outstanding work and customer service, helps you make more sales. Using a tool like Project Map It, you can collect reviews from social media, Yelp, Google and house them all on one local map on your website. 
  8. Free business listing on Google and other online directories.
  9. Registering with HomeAdvisor/HomeStars. The more reviews you get, the more customers you attract. Tell prospects “Look us up on HomeStars.” etc.
  10. Free Craigslist ads. Make sure to update ads daily with new promotions and seasonal trends.

Being able to play different roles in a contracting business is crucial.

Finding potential leads and consistent work in the roofing industry leads us to become creative while marketing quality trade can become tedious. We live in a reputation-based society. Referrals from previous customers automatically gain trust in the market.

Your brand reputation and your quality performance can make all the difference when it comes to generating referrals. If one of your customers loves the job you did, don’t be shy and ask them for a referral.

“7 out of 10 customers will leave a review if they are asked to”  So take advantage of this!

Confirm your quality of work through the power of a great referral. Gain the trust of future customers by the hand of your loyal ones. The closing ratio of referrals is much higher than those of non-referrals. In fact, referral-based leads usually close somewhere between 50% to 70% of the time (compared to 10 to 30% percent for non-referral sales.)

“Every time you deliver a successful result from a customer, ask for a referral… Referrals are free and have the best closing percentage of any lead you will get.”

Standing out of the competition in any market is the hardest part of being a success. Take the advice. Become creative. Invest the time to create the right vision for your company. Be honest. Build trust. Find the opportunity for quality work to speak for itself. Plant the seed of your craftsmanship and watch your business thrive.