When it comes to proving your capabilities, it’s important to show and tell. After all, 90% of the info our brain processes is visual—and research shows using visual aids makes you 43% more likely to convince people to do what you want.

That’s why having an online portfolio is so great.

Whether you’re trying to attract new customers, enhance your personal brand, or make yourself more visible on the web, a site that showcases your past work will help you accomplish your goal. The Sales Portfolio acts as a powerful selling aid to assist your team in conveying your most vital services and processes in a timely and accurate way. We recommend that the entire sales staff be trained in your company’s selling process. Every salesperson should be armed with a Sales Portfolio for their formal presentation, trained on how to communicate your company culture and walk a potential client through your offering and how to get started right away.

4 Tips to Build a Sales Boosting Portfolio 

1. Figure Out What You’re Showing Off

Before you can figure out how to show off your work, you need to understand what you want others to see. Even though you’ve got a lot more real estate on an online portfolio than you do on your resume, you should be equally selective about what you include. After all, people have limited attention spans. That’s why our maps have filters and allow customers to zoom in on areas.

2. Keep it Simple

When it comes to showing your stuff, less is definitely more. We suggest presenting your projects in a straightforward format on one web page, with the option to look at each individually to view more details and give people context about your work. Have you ever landed on a testimonials page with so much going on you couldn’t focus on one single review to read? Or been so overwhelmed by the volume of reviews that you didn’t read any?

3. Make it Easy to Navigate

Another way to make your portfolio easy for readers to navigate? Use categories. When you’ve got a lot of work to show off, placing everything on one page can be overwhelming. It can also be misleading—if the first three projects are all related to kitchen remodels, potential clients might assume you don’t offer any other services and miss the window and door projects further down on the page.

4. Remember It’s Not Just About Your Work

While your past work is a critical aspect when someone’s thinking about working with you, it’s important to remember that said person isn’t looking to hire your work, but the company who made it. Bring attention to your customer reviews especially those where your crew was mentioned by name, or the sales rep who walked them through project obstacles.

So as you’re working on building up your portfolio, don’t forget to consider your audience. Is it going to be used as a sales tool? As branding and awareness about your company? Or as part of an inbound marketing strategy to convert more leads into customers. It’s possible to accomplish all three goals with the right tool.


We’ve worked with top-rated contractors all across the United States. Whether you want to create a digital portfolio for customer service satisfaction surveys, build a customer map for your sales team, or want to convert more leads into sales – we can help you!