Let’s be brutally honest, in society, those with the highest rating and amount of reviews are the contractors you are likely drawn to use. In today’s world, referrals from word of mouth now happen online between strangers, not just between your network of friends or neighbors. A potential lead wants to read customer comments, reviews, and almost get the unknown’s encounters as a seal of approval to book an estimate or gain a contract.

Getting affirmative reviews will benefit your business in many ways. You will eventually get more leads and more sales. “84% of consumers trust online reviews like personal recommendations

To get more of these positive referrals and reviews you need to make it easy.

Here’s 5 Tips to Increase & Share your Reviews: 

1. Get in their heads.

Ask your customers for a review. Utilize email marketing to directly target your best and loyal customers. Typically this will help seal a  high-rated review since you are acquainted and they are fans of your work. Do not nag your customers for a review, get creative! If you happen to invoice electronically take advantage of this opportunity and link your survey. If you happen to not invoice in this particular way you could consider a pamphlet with the review request and instructions at the end of the job.

2. Run a sales team contest!

Have a business competition to get reviews from your sales staff. The sales staff is your greatest asset to drive positive reviews. Your staff have working relationships with the customers so incentivizing them with a contest to increase reviews.

3. Give clients a glimpse.

Take photographs. Pictures can speak for your work, they do the marketing for you. Adding Before and After pics with a testimonial can showcase your business to attract new customers. Project photography can give validation of your company.

4. Use Social Media.

Be accessible. If you have a strong following on social networks like Instagram or Facebook, use them to influence your customer base to leave positive reviews on your Business Page. When using social media always try to add snapshots to coincide with the testimonials, it adds an opportunity for credibility. When people share online reviews on social networks, it will increase your name and positive perception with assured reviews, which gains new customers. Do not forget to post links on your positive feedback to increase exposure to your business page!

5. Be committed. Follow Up!

Give Incentives. Offer gift cards or a discount in exchange for a review or customer referral. This is a simple way to attract new leads from a social endorsement, which also shows you as a high value to your customer base, generating an increase in potential reviews.

Contractors will achieve reviews inevitably, but increasing and sharing positive reviews for leads is a consistent task of business. It is important to reach out to customers within a reasonable time after a project completion. Do not forget to thank customers for their business. This small token can spark the development of reviews.

If you’ve got reviews and want to share them on your site, check out Project Map It’s online customer mapping tool and schedule a Free Demo.