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About Project Map It

Founded in 2015, Project Map It has grown rapidly, proving to be one of the most desirable software tools for your outside sales and marketing needs.  Between contractors and realtors alike, technology has always been a couple steps behind in these industries. But with simplicity and features in mind that are needed, we have built the future of earning customers trust.  Our goal is to provide you a valuable sales and marketing tool, while providing you top-notch customer service.  We look forward to collaborating with you to ensure that we are creating a digital portfolio that meets the specific needs of your company!

Meet our Staff

Matthew Rozanski
Owner / CEO




Matt, our fearless leader, has been in the roofing industry his entire life.  His vision for Project Map It was to create a powerful sales and marketing tool just for his company.  It wasn’t until a territory manager from GAF came in to his office to inquire about what this “map” was on his computer.  With the help of GAF’s support, Project Map It was born and we continue to form great relationships with the big players in the contracting and real estate industries.


Steve Spence
VP – Sales


Steve is in charge of the day to day operations for Project Map It.  His positive energy and collaborative mindset has helped form great relationships with individual owners and our Enterprise Partners, both in the contracting and real estate industries.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Steve directly: Phone:  443-845-0992 Email:


Pete Saia
Chief Technical Officer

Pete has been coding since he was in high school and has a proven passion for the industry.  As our  Chief Technology Officer, Pete helps make the big decisions when it comes to next steps of development for Project Map It.  Pete is the architect of our software and we are lucky to have such a gifted person on our team.  

Ryan Meyer
Senior Designer

Ryan has been helping run software businesses his entire professional career.  Ryan has been an integral part in making important decisions for Project Map It.  With his wealth of knowledge, we can’t go wrong with Ryan helping guide the way.  

Ben King
Software Engineer

Ben is one of our our software developers that is the force behind evolving Project Map It into what it is today. Ben has been coding for the last 10 years and specializing in GIS for the past 4 years. A great collaborator and team player, we are lucky to have Ben.

Priscilla Derr
Marketing Director

Priscilla is our do-it-all marketing director that handles all things marketing!  From strategizing for company growth, to handling all of our social media and website details, we can always count on Priscilla for guiding Project Map It in the right direction.

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