Beyond Planning: Create Contractor Success in 3 Steps

by | Jan 26, 2019 | Contractor Marketing, Lead Conversion |


If you are in the construction business I do not need to tell you it is a difficult field for growth. Running and operating a company requires effort to achieve success. To flourish in a popular market you have to be willing to put in the hours and sweat with strategy in mind. Fundamentals are key to achieving growth and success. The opportunity for growth is prosperous in the local contracting market if you can implement the ethic and steps to achieve it. Demands in construction are thriving, making it a prime time to develop a contracting outfit.

The U.S. forecast with public and private business is slow but positive. These progressions will require steady demand for household formation, employment, and income. After a recession, projects that were previously delayed have now begun to resume. New constructions in place are predicted to reach over 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars before 2021.

The industry has over 730,000 companies operating nationwide making the United States the second largest construction industry on the planet.

A solid economy will prove to produce spending in both private residential and non-residential construction despite having a recent U.S. Tax Overhaul. Although material and labor costs are causing some spending limitations for many companies, the forecast is still positive.

How is it possible to achieve success over competitors in such a large market? Below The list below is of essentials to obtain a substantial level of gain in the construction industry.


1. ENVIRONMENT Reflect on the internal affairs to assure your business is running according to plan. Make prudent management and accounting decisions. An environment is more than a physical location. In a business, the quality, performance, and actions of each employee help to create an environment that represents your company.

Maintain a positive staff environment where hard work is rewarded. Give incentives for reliable, devoted employees. Hire candidates that are knowledgeable and embrace the goals of the company. Retain training opportunities the increase skills of your staff.  Improving trade and staying current with trends can help your company to be more appealing.

Handfuls of construction companies surrender because they do not account for finances accurately. It is not enough to just earn more business. Do not sacrifice the quality of work when considering cost reduction or overspending. When providing estimates stay aware of possible additional costs. Factor in the project, material, labor, and increase the subtotal to give estimates that could potentially cover the unexpected. Keep in mind your companies reputation when making any decision that interrupts financially with performance. Performance could indicate “cutting a corner” or speeding up completion which could lead to a poor end result.  

A company acquires a reputation by the reflection of the staff. Materials, equipment, and final product represent your brand. Offer each employee the time to familiarize themselves with standard office procedures, as well as specific job requirements refreshment. Give customer service and diversity training to meet the needs of your target consumers. Make sure each employee understands the importance of your companies mission and how performance from start to the finish is equally important.

2.EXPERIENCE Customer service is the foundation for the business. Understanding what a potential lead wants gives a consumer a sense of priority. Investing time in the clients give confidence in the company. Make sure you keep customers informed, with necessary information. Whether a delay or change to original planning of any kind. Clients should be an active role in the project process. Strong customer service helps facilitate happy clients. Consumers that have exceptional experiences give exceptional feedback. Feedback, viable referrals and word of mouth are the most lucrative marketing technique. Inspire your customers by your quality performance. Create loyal customers. Make a lasting impression by positive experience.


3.EXPOSURE Advertising is not just about landing potential customers. In addition to word of mouth, the internet has become today’s billboard. The means of internet keep companies visible to rising products and trends. Potential leads now search for companies they will use via the internet. Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Email, and professional websites now connect you to your patrons. This fact makes customer feedback on projects imperative. To secure a growing business use customer reviews and prices from adversary sites to create an edge over the competition.
Reaching out to general contractors, investors, or architects with forthcoming projects will bring brand awareness for your business.
Networking with companies like U.S. LBM, allows local contractors to operate independently while enjoying the capital and resources of a national organization. U.S. LBM is recognized as one of the largest lumber and material distributors in the United States.U.S. LBM seeks private, professionals that have strong management and personnel. The idea behind the partnership with local contracting companies is for the benefit from a partner holding equity in construction capital. The model allows a platform for multifamily, homebuilders, remodelers, and commercial contractors to be recognized using building products from one of the largest distributors in the county while remaining a local service. This partnership creates a profitable team in the construction market.

In addition to networking with a nationally recognized partner consider being active in a local chapter of a trade association. Trade associations recommend products, give skilled training, and can assist in elementary business skills.

These full circle fundamentals will not guarantee success, but using them will assist your company for effortless growth and expansion.