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Project Map It is excited to work with the following Enterprise Partners. Project Map It provides each of Enterprise Partners with discounted plans for the companies and brands that they are associated with. Schedule a demo today to learn more the discounts you will be offered!

With thirteen locations that reach into the markets of Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, and over 230 employees, Universal Supply has become the premier source for building and remodeling products and services in south central New Jersey.  If you are a contractor that buys material from Universal, your life just got much easier!  Give us a call today and we will tell you how!

Project Map It has partnered with the largest franchise in the Bath Fitter brand, with 27 total.  Along with Bath Fitter, the company also owns 13 Kitchen Savers and two Homespires, that span from Ohio and states East, to PA, NJ, MD and DE!  We have enjoyed the partnership and look forward to offering our preferred discount to any other Bath Fitter franchise that wants to use Project Map It.

The Window Source can provide you with the best value when purchasing replacement windows for your home.  Project Map It is excited to be working with the Window Source brand.  With over 47 Window Source Franchises and growing each year, Project Map It has partnered up with Window Source to offer a discounted price to all Window Source owners.

The My Flooring Warranty® gives flooring retailers an advantage over their competition. As a no-cost, value-added service, consumers love the peace of mind such a program provides. Project Map It is excited to be working hand in hand with My Flooring Warranty in order to help meet the marketing and sales needs of all of their retailer and service providers!

Chesapeake Real Producers is a publication designed to inform and inspire the top-producing real estate agents selling in the Chesapeake Bay region. Project Map It is excited to have the opportunity to learn from the best in the Real Estate Industry and provide each agent/group a platform to help showcase their business and provide them a great sales and marketing tool!

Check Out Some of Our Clients


We’ve worked with top-rated contractors all across the United States. Check out what some of our clients have to say about Project Map It by interacting with our map!

Of course, we would use our own map to show you some of our clients. Click on a pin and see a photo of their maps along with some of the reviews of our product!

What does every home improvement contractor, real estate agent want? More customers. What do customers want to see? Photos of past projects and reviews about your company. Project Map It reduces the friction in the consumer buy-cycle. We harness the power of social trust and allow you to focus on your area of expertise.

The ability to collect real time feedback from customers and upload pictures from a mobile device while in the field has helped home builders, remodelers, contractors and realtors gather and leverage authentic customer feedback to build a better business.



“ProjectMapIt has been an incredible addition to our company; the entire on-boarding process was seamless. Matt was able to take our existing projects and quickly input them into a map showing geographic location, pictures and even reviews. I really like the ability to collect surveys in-person using our smartphone. In the short few weeks we launched the application, we have already closed a sizable project thanks to the map; it provides an added layer of credibility and security to potential clients. ProjectMapIt has quickly become an invaluable tool for our company and our landscape designers.”

Ali Hashimi, Owner


“So glad Project Map It found me!  I added the map to the top of our web page and titled it: Portfolio of Sold Homes.  I use it on listing presentations – When someone asks “Have you sold any homes in our area/neighborhood?”  I just pull up the map and show them not only the address, but a picture of the home, picture of the clients and review they wrote.  It’s a powerful tool.  Before we’ve depended on people writing reviews on Zillow and with Zillow changing so much…  I wanted something that would help with review on google and Face Book as well.  With Project Map it everything is in one place and I feel confident we are jumping ahead of the curve.  We are now even more visible to potential clients doing their own research on line.  Wish I had thought of it!  Service of getting set up and trained was amazing.  I’m not the most tech savvy person, and they made it easy.  This is a game changer….”


“Hey Steve,

Just wanted to let you know we’ve been closing a number of projects thanks to project map it. Had one in particular last week that said “I would move forward but I feel I need to see your work”. Pulled up PMI and customer was not only happy with what he saw, but said that was an impressive piece of software. Thanks again.”

Greg Holmes, Owner


“I am an always a little skeptical of all the emails and cold calls I received with people trying to sell me the next best thing to help me with my business. I was very intrigued when I received the email from Steve regarding the Project Map It platform. I am very fortunate to have many clients who will review me on the typical sites like Zillow, Facebook, realtor.com and Yelp. Project Map It is a much easier platform for clients to respond to.

Project Map It’s system is unique and provides me the platform to ask the client right there at the closing to rate their overall experience with me and having the ability for them to complete the review right there either on my mobile device, It’s truly amazing. I think the thing I like the best is the map. You might think, heck I can do this myself, but the idea that it has all the pins on the map, can show all your potential clients all the properties you’re helping people sell and buy, and that I can add photos and a testimonial connected right to it without being driven to another site is one of the best features in my opinion.

Steve made it so easy for me, he had all my sales downloaded so fast it was unbelievable! It was up and running on my website within a couple days. I wish I would’ve found the system sooner.”


“I’m Extremely grateful that a good friend of mine referred me to Project Map It.  This tool has been an incredible addition to my business.  As a Real Estate Broker, I was missing this key piece to locate and provide photos of my sales while being able to quickly receive reviews from my buyers and sellers.  The app is user friendly, yet I have to say my customer service representative from Project Map It is even friendlier!  This gentleman worked on editing my account and pictures while he was on his family vacation.  He told me I was his first Real Estate Broker and he wanted to make it perfect.  He even individually reviewed each photo and alerted me to change sizing for better results. I have never had this kind of service and am now seeing the results.  It is priced right and a win win for all involved.  With the dedication I have already noticed, I see this company being utilized for years to come.”



“We love Project Map It!!! It is a great way to showcase your portfolio in a neat, unique, and well-organized way! Fantastic support and customer service. We highly recommend this service to anyone that wants to properly and professionally catalog a body of work!! You can also collect reviews as well!! Great addition to any business!”

Joe Ayler, Owner


“Project Map It has been a great tool to use. Thank you Steve Spence for hooking me up. I like that it shows all the locations in Maryland that I have worked in, so new clients can see that I don’t work in just one area. I also like that my clients can do a quick survey right from my phone after closing. This way I am not bothering them after closing to log onto a website, create a username/password and then fill out a survey. This is so much easier. I also love the ease of taking 30 seconds out of my day to add a client to my map from my phone or computer, and then being able to take pictures of the house right from my mobile device, where it will automatically upload to my map, providing me a great sales tool and digital portfolio for my website. Overall it’s a great product and I’m looking forward to seeing how it helps my business grow.


“We had been looking for something like this for a long time and are so glad we found Project Map It. Steve and Matt have been super helpful and have been great to deal with. I highly recommend Project Map It!”

Josh Cameron, Roofing Consultant

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