The Benefits of Project Map It

Try Project Map It free for 30 days. We’ll set up your map, import all of your current projects and online reviews, and let you test drive our tool completely free.

Project Map It Makes

Life Easier

With our cloud-based system, you no longer have ask your web developer or office manager to upload testimonials and gallery pictures to your website, which can  take hours out of the day.  Project Map It will do it for you and will provide a platform to help convert more leads!

Time Involved:

– 30 seconds to add a pin to your map

– Two minutes to add pictures

– 90 seconds for a client to fill out a review

– Endless hours to relax, since Project Map It just saved you time.

Our team will do the heavy lifting for you.  You provide us a spreadsheet and we will create the map for you.  We will even transfer any existing gallery pics and reviews you already have to your new map!
Uploading a picture and review has never been easier. Pull out your mobile device and take unlimited pictures of the great work you provide. Take two minutes to have your customer fill out your company’s review when the job is complete. If you want to review your company’s data, download that information with ease!
Project Map It makes it easy on the customer to find what they are looking for. With a custom filtering system your company creates, a potential client can easily search for any service you provide. With our search options, anyone can search their local area of work you’ve done, by simply putting in a city, zip code or specific street address.

Showcase Your Work

Whether you are taking pictures of the service you are providing or of the house you just sold, a digital portfolio of customer satisfaction surveys with visuals will wow your potential customers.

With any mobile device, your sales team will be able to easily answer any question they will face when delivering an in-home sales appointment.  “Can you show me work you’ve done in our area?”  Do you have any pictures of any country kitchens you’ve done in the past?” “I’d like to see what past clients are saying about your work.”  With PMI, all those answers will be at your fingertips.
With Project Map It, it will allow your potential clients to get an in depth look as to what your company genuinely has to offer.
Embed your map directly onto your website.  When customers come to check you out, you will have all the information they are looking for, in one clean platform.

Our Review System

We are currently the only cloud based system that allows you to conduct the review in person, simply by handing them your mobile device.  It will take your client less than two-minutes to fill it out and when they do, that review will be pushed directly to your map.

You get complete control over your reviews.  Our review system is fully customizable, where you get to decide what questions to ask your clients.  You also get to decide what is displayed on your map. If you get a bad review, you can simply make it private.  No longer are you at the mercy of a review site that posts all reviews, good and bad.
Amplify your social media reviews with PMI. If a customer rates you a four or five star on the first question of your review, they will receive an automated email with links to all of your social review sites such as Google, Facebook, Zillow and Angies List.
You can also send your review by email to a single customer or to everyone on your map that currently hasn’t filled out a review. The process is very easy, you simply click a button!

Try Project Map It free for 30 days. We’ll set up your map, import all your current projects and online reviews, and let you test drive our tool completely free.

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