How to find leads for Roofers, Home Improvement, and Home Remodelers: Where to look, ie Storm Chasers, best times of the year to promote, online ads, versus door to door sales.

There is not one standard way to market for your home improvement company. What works for one company may not work for the other.  The list of advertising ideas is endless. You must be flexible with advertising. Your business only thrives only if you land sales, sales are only generated by leads. 


Here are just a few simple ways to find leads:

Homeowners want the recommendations from fellow homeowners to share opinions and completed work. Testimonials and online reviews define your online reputation. Take advantage. Always request a review of your completed projects by your clients. Feedback is crucial in generating leads. Accessible reflections of your work online have become just as important as word of mouth endorsements. Follow up with your customers to make sure the work has met the expectations of the consumer. If it is not, this is your opportunity to return and ensure they are satisfied. Home Improvement contractors leave their brand behind when a project is finished. The finished product promotes not only a skill-set but the values and integrity of the company; keep that in mind.

Door-to-door sales has become a scarce commodity in today’s society. Most people do not feel comfortable opening their home to strangers trying to push a sale. Let your work speak for itself. Using quality work and help of loyal consumers may be a unique way to utilize an approach similar to door sales. Upon completing work with clients hand them promotional flyers or door hangers that could be easily handed to a nearby neighbor. The silver lining in this strategy is you are relying on your product/service to be sold by someone that trusts your work, as well as, keeping a hand on the needs of a neighborhood. A friend in a sharing district can notice a house needing repair or just by word of mouth what someone is looking to do to their homes. Previous customers will utilize what they know and hand the promotions out for you. The company in exchange for the lead could give incentives for the service they are providing for you.

Now that you have become a comfortable resource for the community, consider being more visible online. Check the speed of your page and make sure it is adequate. The bulk of your leads are coming from mobile devices or an online request for information. How quickly your site loads is essential. If your site is too slow you will become bounced by site visitors. In addition to speed optimize your content. Be a resource, show them examples of your work. Perhaps that is best utilized by creating a gallery. Make sure the pictures you are using are high quality because it will affect the perception of your projects. Only mention details and content that is relevant to your company. Include a platform for testimonials and a contact form be present in a space that is easily accessed. Being an expert is often stated but not proven. Let your easy-to-use professional website tell the story of your business. Allow the format of your SEO to get noticed, land leads, and be easy to find.

Being strategic with email could also be a crucial corner for marketing. An email list is generally filled with existing customers, which you could use for a secondary review platform. Email marketing can be used to keep your business on someone’s mindset for future maintenance but also could bring potential consumers to your website, increasing sales leads.

In addition to optimizing SEO’s and conquering the email market, make sure your online ads are up to snuff. Make sure your online banner ads drive consumers to a landing page for coupons and special promotions. Do not forget the follow through. With every coupon and/or promotion make sure it has a supporting offer. Keep them coming back. Especially if its a new consumer to your company. Pay attention to the change in seasons and make sales offers to match. Display ads need to include the visual story of the business. Make sure it catches the eye and advertises the specialty of your company.

Again, I am telling you not to ignore the weather. Seasons can make or break a company tailored for home improvement work. Pay attention to weather patterns and when promotions could be best suited for an uprising in sales. For example, Spring weather is normally the busiest season. It is the premier time to finally build that addition you have been waiting to do once your tax breaks have come through. Summertime best utilizes the construction of decks, patios, and outdoor rooms, but most importantly roof replacement/repair. The higher temperatures aid in sealing the roofing materials. When the weather peaks to high temperatures workers will be moved inside to projects including but not limited to kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Believe it or not, winter is a season you can also start the process of a large project. The ground is frozen and the air is dry. Pouring footers at this time ensure additions will be framed before the rainy season. With each season creating its own specialty, knowing when the season is coming can assist you in decision making for promotional sales.

Traditional marketing tactics may not be successful for you. You may have to explore unique options including storm chasers. Storm chasers use high-pressure sales tactics.  Storm chasers follow severe weather from area to area, completing home repairs (generally roofs and siding) that are damaged by a natural disaster. They often collect homeowners’ insurance claim checks in payment for their services. They often rush to complete the work so they can move to another natural catastrophe. There are benefits storm chasing companies bring when they invade your sales territory. When a large storm hits, it’s nearly impossible for the local contractors to control all the damage in a timely fashion. Storm chasers usually have expertise in insurance claims but lack properly trained workers and well-established track records that show their work as reliable and professional. Do not stress when the weather throws a curve. Seize the opportunity to extend offers of home repair at a reduced rate for common rushed projects completed by storm chasers. Not only will you save the day but you will become their reliable go-to resource if anything happens again, even if they have to wait in a list a mile long.