You’ve got a knack for interior design and have thrown away the desk job to finally pursue your dream career in home staging. Your mother told you you’re crazy and you’re co-workers laughed when you left. Now you’re the one laughing because you’re suddenly in a brand new world with a brand new career and are looking for where to turn to meet the right people to get your business kickstarted.

With 28% of all agents saying they stage every home before they list it, the home staging business is quickly growing. In fact, another 40% said they believed that home staging had an effect on a person’s decision to buy. If you’ve recently started your own business or have been in the field for years, you know it’s important to get yourself out there and spread the word. Thanks to the internet, relying on word of mouth has gotten so much easier.

There will always be a housing market, however, it is important to know that the best way to get business in the home staging field is to connect with realtors more so than trying to get in touch with the home buyers directly. Real estate agents want to sell the homes they represent as quickly as possible for as much as possible, so they are more likely to use their sales experience on their clients when it comes to home staging if it means it could possibly sell a home while maximizing what they want.

Once you get in with one agent and do an amazing job, they can refer you to others in their circles, and from there you have it made. It’s important, with every new job, to keep track of who you’ve worked with, the homes you’ve staged, and to visually document the amazing design challenges you’ve faced – especially in those less than appealing homes that you brought back to life! It can sometimes get a little difficult, especially during the busy summer season, to keep up with the work you’re getting while still trying to collect reviews from the sellers and agents.

Remember, realtors are in a competitive market as well, which means once one finds success under your designs, they’ll all be reaching out to you soon enough. Having easily accessible reviews on your website that contain images of your home staging are the perfect way to show your designs to the public and to prove the difference your skills made to the sale of that home! It’s the portfolio of the tech-age. Check out A Goode Start Decorating and Home Staging, for example.

By integrating a platform like Project Map It, you’re giving your current and potential clients an amazing visual database of the work you’ve done. There’s no need to chase down agents and clients, because, with this platform their review is instant! Find out the difference we can make!