Take Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys From A Sales Tool To A Marketing Tool

We’re not the first company to come up with creating a customer mapping tool, and we’re certainly not the only company offering to help you get reviews for your business. However, we are one of the first and few companies specializing in combining local maps with location pins, customer project photos, and customer satisfaction surveys and making it a public selling tool. Customer reviews and surveys are a great tool for tracking internal sales processes and customer satisfaction, but why not leverage that data a step further? Publish your reviews so the next inbound marketing lead can see who you are and what you can do.

How To Use Customer Satisfaction Surveys To Grow Your Business:

  • Determine how satisfied your customers are. With our mobile app, you can send the review right to your client on site and in two minutes get real feedback. At your next internal sales meeting, review the latest feedback including both positive and negative comments so you can see where to improve.
  • Emphasize the importance of customer service in sales calls, on your website, via social media and other marketing collateral. Showing off great reviews about your customer service is going to help build your trust and branding and visually demonstrate how important customer satisfaction is to you.
  • Customize your survey questions. With customizable questions, surveys allow you to gauge how well everyone on the team including office staff, project managers and sub-contractors are contributing to your goal of providing exceptional customer service. Every employee on your team can contribute to getting customer reviews and plays a part in their overall satisfaction with your company.
  • Showcase Client Feedback. Future customers want to hear what past customers had to say. Ratings are a quick and easy way for current and prospective customers to see that you’re constantly on your game and by housing real reviews from real customers on your site, you’re increasing your chances of making contact and closing the deal.

Give your sales and marketing team a lead conversion tool that dissolves barriers between data, reviews, and your digital portfolio of past projects. Project Map It is an all-in-one platform that will map all past projects and display reviews and project photos in one easy-to-use plugin that integrates with your current website. Leverage authentic customer feedback to grow your business.

Project Map It equips builders, remodelers, real estate developers, and home services contractors with the opportunity to gain feedback for sales teams, and then leverage that feedback to close more future deals through customer satisfaction surveys and customer mapping.

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