Project Map It is committed to helping home improvement companies grow their business with easy to use solutions that focus on building customer relationships and displaying excellent service. That’s why we are so excited to announce our new partnership. U.S. LBM, a recipient of the 2015 ProSales Dealer of the Year, is a collection of leading building material distributors across 30 states with more than 230 locations. U.S. LBM is one of the fastest growing companies in our industry and is recognized as one of the largest building products distributors in the United States. The foundation of U.S. LBM was to focus on the value of its customers and associates recognizing that the importance of each business unit was maintained in the local market.U.S.

Project Map It Partnered with U.S. LBM to put customer service first and make it easy to showcase your work and reviews.


In the home improvement contractor arena technology has always been a couple of steps behind other industries. However, with more people turning to social media asking for recommendations and opinions on local contractors, Project Map It wanted to provide a way to showcase a digital portfolio that shows locations of past work, pictures, and reviews in one easy to navigate tool.

Project Map It started as an internal tool until partners and vendors continued to ask “How did you do that?”. We developed our product into an out of the box solution for any home contractor, realtor, or small business owner to use. The concept is simple, drop a pin on the map for your projects, snap some before and after photos, then ask your customer to leave a review.

“We want every U.S. LBM operating division to have access to the very best technology to better serve customers, operate efficiently, and drive value every day. ”

Joe Spagnoletti, chief information officer, U.S. LBM

U.S. LBM’s mission is to partner with leading companies in the industry while instilling best practices across the entire organization.

They help local businesses operate and focus on their customers while allowing them to enjoy the capital and resources of a larger national organization. Most importantly, their company culture and philosophies are built around people first and customer loyalty.

Project Map It together with U.S. LBM is going to help more businesses showcase their services and encourage more customer satisfaction among homeowners nationwide. Our combined goal is to maximize the value we give to our customers. Through our partnership, any vendor that orders material from through U.S. LBM will automatically have a pin dropped on a map showing work that the contractor has a job in that area.

U.S. LBM is a leading distributor of specialty building materials in the United States. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of specialty products, including windows, doors, millwork, wallboard, roofing, siding, engineered components and cabinetry, U.S. LBM combines the scale and operational advantages of a national platform with a local go-to-market strategy through its national network of locations across the country. For more information, please visit