If you want steady contracts, use methods that will bring you regular construction clients. Focus on the consumer. Keep your strengths in mind when considering potential jobs. Do not be afraid to extend your service to your surroundings. Simple tactics can lead to a surprising outcome. It may take time but effective methods can gain you steady business.

Here are a few simple strategies that can turn to your business lifelong:


1. The Bid.

If you can’t afford it or won’t deliver a spectacular final product, it isn’t worth the time to create a bid. Keep the dollar in mind. If the project isn’t going to be worth completing. Do not waste the dollar on creating a bid. Focus on realistic capabilities. Make sure you are managing your bids effectively.

2. The Reach.

When embarking on a new project, go next door and meet the neighbors. Keep them alert on what you are doing. You are already in the neighborhood, give them something to talk about. Give them a great first impression. Get neighbors involved. Consider having proximity discounts for those looking for potential work in the community.  Before construction begins, know how important your reputation and referrals are. Referrals are the strongest tools that contractors have for generating new leads. A good recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement.

3. The Advertisement.

You may already have marketing but is it effective? You may need to revise your campaign for new clients. Consider customizing your materials. From job site, signs to a simple thank-you note can speak for the image of your business. Do not forget the potential of social media. Social media is cost-effective. It can reach customers with a simple “share” or “like.” Posting every day can ensure consistency and quick delivery across a widespread audience.

4. The Offer.

Everyone loves getting something for free. Potential and past clients are the key to generating new business. When you follow up with past clients you can use it as an opportunity to point out updates or offer free touch-ups. Offering to keep your service current impresses clients and they will be more likely to use your company for future projects. Keeping your name in front of the client show how much you care about having their business.

5. The Person.

In a world of technology, a personal touch can go the distance. Get to know your clients. If they have the time, get more out of them than a contract. Reach out to past clients to drum up new business. Take time to keep past clients informed about services you specialize in. How is previous work holding up? Any needs that need attention in your area of expertise. Gain feedback from a completed project. Make sure all work is done to expectation. Leaving the consumer happy takes effort, but is worth the positive referral.

Keep it simple. A business includes many layers. To be basic, compare the key of success to a childhood favorite. Superior customer service is the peanut butter. Quality performance and product the jelly. Layer up your ingredients harmoniously to create an appealing business plan. This effort can be the basic difference between growth or failure in the construction industry.